The rule of law is the response to the crimes in Cologne

The rule of law is the response to the crimes in Cologne

MSFL Member Tim Quitmann from Cologne explains his perspective on the recent incidents in his home city.



The recent events during the night of New Year’s Eve in Cologne and other German cities certainly must have consequences for politics and our society. Women were sexually harassed and suffered physical violence helplessly. It goes without saying that those criminals need to be prosecuted and condemned as soon as possible, regardless of their background. But those crimes also need to have serious consequences for the way government works nowadays.


The recent occurrences raised discussions about general internal security in Germany. The response of a constitutional state can only be to come back to its actual obligations. Instead of wasting tax money for hiring hundreds of new customs officials, who control whether the bakery next door really pays the minimum wage, government must finally recruit more policeman. Instead of subsidizing ineffective industries or failing to develop wickedly expensive drones, government must spend money in a rational manner, just as every solid household does it daily.


Providing infrastructure, education, but first and foremost security should be seen as some of the main duties of every state and enjoy absolutely top priority. It is indispensable that government focusses on its essential and initial responsibilities. Every citizen should able to rely on the state when it comes to safety. We do not necessarily need new laws, but rather the consistent implementation of law in all areas. Legal vacuums, which unfortunately exist, are a disgrace for every modern, liberal society. Why don’t we use the terrible happenings in Cologne as a start for a new form of governmental work and priorities?